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Global digitization was evolving at its own pace until the pandemic hit the world and boosted the need for online sales and marketing. When shopping malls closed, the world took its turn towards online shopping from various e-commerce sites. And now, we have become so dependent on online shopping to buy even the essentials. 

And because of this, the competition in the market has also grown tremendously over the last decades. If you are planning to start an e-business from scratch, you will need to face competition from more than 2-3 million such businesses. And hence, to stand out from the crowd, you need to utilize some of the best e-business tools to unleash the potential of your business and earn maximum revenues. 

According to reports, e-business sales could hit a $548 billion market by 2022 in the US alone. 

However, before opting for e-business tools, you need to know they are categorized as per their working methodologies, which we have mentioned below.

  • Website tools to set up your online e-business site. It is the foremost thing. 
  • Research tools: help you analyze your site’s performance by completing it with your peers. 
  • To create brand awareness, market your product to the audience, drive traffic to your website and convert them into genuine leads.
  • Business tools: assist you in managing your company’s day-to-day operations, finances, and productivity.
  • Social media management tools help you manage your social media presence and run social media campaigns and ads.
  • Analytics tools help you analyze your business model and spot any loopholes in your sales funnels.

Best Tools & Services to Upscale Your Remote Retail Business 

  1. Timedoctor


If you are looking for one of the finest and leading SaaS tools available for businesses like HR process and management. This tool primarily tracks down the employee’s productive timings in the company so that productivity can be improved. Time Doctor allows business owners & HR professionals to synchronize all of their CRM processes, accounting software, screenshots, and much greater things to excel the productivity of the employees.

So that the employees can only focus on what is important for the company or the business. They provide industry-leading 60+ integrations with best-in-class enterprise tools, GDPR & HIPAA compliance, 24-hour multilingual customer service, and Enterprise-level security and deployment.

The coolest thing about Time Doctor is the availability of the software on various platforms like Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and iOS. Moreover, Time Doctor also has some other important features like distraction alerts, offline time tracking, productivity measuring, and timesheet management.

  1. ScribeHow

If you are running a business or a teacher and you need to make a video guide to demonstrate something step by step, but are not willing to go through the complex process of recording the video, editing it post-recording, and also do not want to invest your precious time. Then Scribe is the solution you can look for to make step-by-step video tutorials.

Scribe is the best tool available on the internet that helps you to create a step by step video tutorials on its own you just have to install their app on your desktop and then start recording and when finished Scribe will automatically create a beautiful video tutorial. You can use the free extension on your google chrome and edge. Scribe also allows you to edit the video post video generation and you can easily share your video directly to teammates and employees with a URL link or export it as a PDF document etc.

  1. Cuttingedgepr

If you are willing your business to thrive in this cut-throat competitive market then there is only one to taste the success very early is by having superb business communication skills which can help build a relationship with the consumers. If the consumers are happy and satisfied with the experience, service quality, and value that you are providing then it will be a walk in the park for you to have an edge over competitors in your space.

When people get resolution of their issues and problems and believe that your business has a significant impact on their life then it is witnessed that employees of your business become happier and more productive than employees of the other companies. This is why you will witness a positive impact on your business.

Cuttinedgepr is there for you to make your employees aware of their importance in the business. They have years of expertise and their excellent team of professionals provides better results in your PR and communication management. They also help you to hire suitable talented candidates with excellent communication and problem-solving skills and can be valuable assets & blessings for your business.

  1. Recruitcrm

One of the best cloud-based recruiting software available at the current time that helps medium and small businesses to streamline the recruitment process. It simplifies the applicant tracking system by sourcing it directly from LinkedIn and other genuine recruitment sites. It also helps the businesses to recruit potentially talented candidates and get feedback as well.

RecruitCRM assists businesses to manage things like daily operations, recruitment operations, contacts, candidates, clients, etc. Recruiters can also access various other services like hiring status, new job openings, application information, etc.

Provides cool features like a simple dashboard for email integration, track live activity, chrome extension for job board posting, etc are some of the brilliant features that you can take advantage of for free for your business. You can also use smartphone apps available on both the platforms Android & iOS to track down all the database fields, real-time reports, personalized job websites, digital invoices, role-based access, team communication, and real-time reports.

  1. Sortlist

Sortlist is one of the excellent online tools that helps thousands of agencies who are striving to get visible to potentially strong & sound businesses. The key focus of Sortlist is to assist small & medium businesses, entrepreneurs, firms, etc. who are in search of high-quality agencies to accomplish their assigned tasks or services like marketing solutions, IT solutions, sales solutions, etc.

Sortlist is a very popular and well-known name for quite a long time in meeting the demands of the budding consumer’s needs with having significant growth and improving the quality of the products. Their expertise lies in advertising website creation, digital strategy, branding & positioning, social media, etc. Many business owners, managers, and HR professionals across the globe are using Sortlist for their excellent & reliable assistance to get accurate agencies, which meet the demands of the required work.

  1. Referralrock

It is one of the finest SaaS tools that can simplify and streamline referral marketing. For referral marketing, HR experts of many companies find this tool their first preference. ReferralRockassists businesses in creating a viral referral program according to the business niche.

You can also refer your business referral campaigns to your friends or influencers to promote your company by using Referral Rock. You can also tailor word-of-mouth referrals using Referral Rock according to the need and motives of the company. You can measure your real-time impact and results on your business ROI, provide email integration with all leading email service providers and there are a lot more things you can do to generate revenue from creating stunning ad campaigns with the help of Referral Rock. The referral program or campaigns will include all the important things of your business like the mission, structure, brand message of the company, motive, incentive, etc. So relax and enjoy the outcome with ReferralRock.

  1. Timecamp

Every company and organization always wants their employees to be productive and generate maximum revenues and profits for them. However, it becomes a very hectic & complex task for the employers and for the HR professionals to track the productivity of each employee, the profitability of the ongoing projects, the time taken to complete the project, etc.TimeCamp is a brilliant SaaS tool for every organization and company to track time for all their ongoing and upcoming project-related activities in real-time without leaving any corner of error.

Accurate timesheets with precise reports allow you to have a better grip over any project’s performance and engagement with clients. In return, if you deliver projects well on time it will help your business to retain most of your clients while their word of mouth will also drive business for you as well. This Time Clock Software provides unlimited user usage with unlimited projects and 30 plus integration modules. Now you do not have to manually manage the timesheets and it can save your precious time and effort with the implementation of the TimeCamp tool in your business.

  1. Trackingtime

One of the finest SaaS tools for your business when it comes to the efficiency and performance of the tool. TrackingTime is a tool that is used by businesses or organizations to ensure they have a high-precision time tracking software for their employees and which is very easy to use. Now the managers of your company or business do not have to track employees manually and the performance of the teams across various projects. This AI-based tool makes things easy for businesses by allowing them to track work time precisely in real-time, analyze the ongoing project and ensure productivity.

TrackingTime also integrates with other apps to track everything related to the productivity of your business just the TrackingTime button on Google Chrome or in Firefox. The managers of your business can easily manage user rights and allocate work to different teams usingTrackingTime. However, the best thing is that you can track all this from any device be it Android, iOS or Windows anytime and from anywhere without any hassle.

  1. Price2spy

It is a cumbersome task to monitor the pricing of the key products of your peers’ businesses especially when you have hardly any experience in the e-commerce business. Many e-commerce businesses are thrown out of the competition due to their poor pricing method or their lack of market knowledge and research. This is a very serious concern that you should not overlook to thrive in this competitive world. 

In such scenarios, Price2spy can be the game-changer for you and your business. Price2spy helps businesses to compare their pricing with their peers and provide deep insight into the businesses where they stand in the competition. Key features of the Price 2spy is analyzing historical price data and future pricing by preparing analytics data report, price change alerts, and API integration so that you can access pricing data from your software without any hassle. Apart from these, they provide features like identifying repricing opportunities, a customizable pricing dashboard, a full market overview, a price alert mechanism, etc. With Price2spy stay one step ahead of the competition and increase the profit and revenue of your business

  1. Fylehq

Setting up a business in this cutthroat competitive world is not just a cup of coffee and it becomes more complex when it comes to tracking the budgeting and expense of the business. FyleHq is your one-stop solution to automate, simplify and streamline all of your business expenses and budgeting. This software enables you to seamlessly integrate with all modern-day leading accounting software like Sage Intact, NetSuite, or QuickBooks Online. You can streamline and synchronize all data like accounting, payroll of the employees and their travel expenses, etc with ease.

FyleHq is your perfect business solution provider who can help you to grow your business emphatically while you can keep a close track of your budgeting and all other expenses. Fyle hq allows you to access all data-driven insights of your business expense with the help of their centralized expense dashboard, which you can use anytime and from anywhere. It is a must-have tool if you are looking to grow your business and are willing to see significant change while running the business smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Tudip

In any successful business product assistance & support is the important part that plays a crucial role. Consumers will not be able to get satisfactory results for their issues if support is not well placed and up to the mark then there is a chance that your business may not strive in this competitive market. To get businesses out of this major issue Tudip digital comes into the picture to provide robust customer assistance & support. Tudip digital is a well-renowned name in the field of IoT products & customer support.

They provide excellent different types of support on the basis of various levels like L, L2, L3 & L4. Audio digital’s expertise also lies in Product Engineering, Mobile & Devices, cloud computing, Cloud & DevOps, web development, IoT& Wearables, etc. They always look to deliver products using the highest level of technological innovations and with guaranteed serenity of product support. Customer satisfaction will eventually increase your business growth and improve business ROI as well. So if you’re looking to set up a business with superb customer assistance and support or want to develop any bespoke apps for your business Tudip digital has no match in this regard.

  1. Web Eminence

Willing to set up your business online and want to leave your business presence on the internet but have no idea to move forward? Then you should seek assistance from Web Eminence. If you do not have any prior experience or prior knowledge in how to choose domain, hosting, and website building then things can get messy and complex for you while building your online business website.

Web Eminence can be a game-changer for you in this regard. They will help you to buy a domain of your preference to set up a professional-looking website for your business. Experts from their team will build stunning SEO-friendly websites according to your business niche and requirements. Web Eminence offers complete website packages like web design, hosting, logo designing, email marketing, pay-per-click management, etc. Therefore, if you want to have a stunning website for your business with a strong presence in the e-commerce space then Web Eminence can be the best pal for your business.

  1. Arka Softwares

Businesses nowadays are struggling to create perfect websites for their businesses and do not have any experience and knowledge in app development leading to failure in the e-commerce business space. If you are willing to shift your offline business to online and want to reach millions of clients across the globe, then you need to have good web & app development to take your business reach to the millions and increase sales growth.

Arka Software is the perfect solution that your business would require to have a great impression on the internet. They are leading world-class service providers in mobile app development, web development, and specialized in salesforce development. Other key features that they provide are DevOps, Technology or platform migration, software maintenance, etc. Therefore, if you want your business to thrive then Arkasoftware can make a difference in the success of your business.

  1. eWay-CRM:


eWay-CRM is a plugin of Outlook’s CRM plugin built and designed for businesses, organizations, and HR professionals. This SaaS tool is capable of delivering some of the best features like managing all databases and contacts of your company’s employees with ease. Eway-CRM is a powerful tool that provides you the luxury of importing all employees data by dragging and dropping with just a few clicks.

Also, this tool comes with pre-installed beautiful templates to make things much easier than ever before. Eway-CRM is a powerful tool that comes in very handy for email marketing. You can use pre-built-in templates, detailed stats of user behavior, heat maps, and the potential to turn deals into sales.

Timesheets managing, referrals, employee leaves, resources, and other important data can be very easily managed with the help of this SaaS tool. You can also access eway-CRM from mobile applications that are available on Android and iOS. And with the help of this app, you can track down all your essential deliveries, billing costs & profits, tasks and subtasks, timesheets, etc from any corner of the world.So that’s what makes eway-CRM standout from the crowd.

  1. Vacationtracker


Vacationtracker is one of the SaaS tools that change the complications of tracking down leaves of employees. If you are having issues tracking down the leave approval application of your employees, then Vacationtracker is there for you to ease your work. It is one of the best SaaS tools that require no onboarding or complicated team training.

Teams can use this tool inside collaboration platforms like Google workspace, Microsoft Teams, or Slack. They can track their leave balances, apply for leave requests, and receive real-time live leave approval notifications inside the collaboration platform.

Vacationtracker eases the leave requests and approval process and allows automatic leave approval. Also, members of groups or teams can set their custom leaves and holidays according to different locations, which is one of the best features of this tool. So if you are planning to start your remote business then you are going to love the vacation tracker for their one-click leave approval and automatic leave request approval according to the leaves left in their leave balances.

  1. Teamdeck


If you are looking for a SaaS tool that will make things easier by managing almost all organizational tasks that HR professionals require, Then Teamdeck is one of the coolest yet most advanced AI-based resource planning software which allows you to track the time of the projects or employees, timesheets leave the management of employees, and hassle-free custom reporting so that only you can track what matters the most.Managing a work schedule was never been so easy all thanks to Teamdeck which provides no manual tacking, no manual spreadsheet,  neat and clean user interface with no unnecessary and distracting features.

Apart from this, the best feature of Teamdeck is that you can also schedule your resource planning with a flexible team calendar seamlessly. In resource scheduling, all aspects like team scheduling, workload management, project planning & budgeting and availability management are taken care of very smoothly by Teamdeck without having any glitches.  It also provides its services across various continents. HR professionals of large organizations and companies also get the luxury to keep track of everything from smartphones using the Teamdeck Zapier App.

  1. Pollack Peace Building 

Pollack Peace Building is a must-have for every organization to maintain the decorum inside of the organization. Sometimes in an organization or firm, there is a conflict between employees and managers or any higher authority due to some issues or misunderstanding.

In such scenarios, if the conflicts keep ongoing then the direct impact comes upon the production or the sales number of the company which will not be a good sign for a healthy business. So Pollack Peace Building comes into play to mitigate the conflict or any issues between employees to the manager or higher authorities.

 Pollack Peace Building is very professional in providing coaching to improve employees’ and manager’s communication skills and boost conflict management so that the organizations or firms run efficiently without any trouble. Pollack Peace Building is well known for its services like workplace peace-building, conflict resolution training, and peace-making. They have helped so many companies, firms, and organizations to sort their conflict issues and helped them to increase productivity and revenue manifolds.

  1. SalesBlink


Salesblink is the finest cold outreach tool that allows you to escalate sales numbers for companies and organizations. This SaaS tool allows you to find and connect with ideal talented individuals. Also, it allows you some of the best features like scheduling appointments, outreach programs, Managing prospects, successful automatic dialogues, etc., which provides more flexibility and control in your hand to boost companies’ performance.

Different crucial campaigns relevant to the company’s needs can be created very easily with SalesBlink. For outreaching multiple potentially strong clients, this tool allows different strategies like emailing, calling, virtual plans, automated multi-channel email follow-up, and other meaningful activities. SalesBlink is also renowned for providing robust service quality which makes it a perfect choice for professionals without a doubt.

Apart from that, engage your consumers by sending them personalized GDPR compliant cold emails with adding a bit of human touch which can lead to a positive response meaning more sales and more revenues. One of the favorite SaaS tools in recent times for HR professionals to simplify their complicated tasks and allows experts to take their company to all-new extents. So if you are in search of the best SaaS tool then you can consider SalesBlink in your list.


POWR is an app that allows you to implement a commenting system on your blog. A good commenting system is essential for all blogs and websites. POWR is easy to use and simple to set up. The app is easy to use and set up. I love how it offers the option of a star rating that inspires people to think about their feedback before writing anything.

20. Hive 


This is the last tool on our list but not the least. Hive is an all in one project management & Team management tool. With its numerous features, it’s a perfect fit for all sizes and types of businesses.  With easy to use dashboard, multiple integrations, customized workflows, and different project templates, Hive takes the convenience to the next level 

Hive helps you to manage your business with ease through its multiple projects and team management features. It has personalized features for marketers, project managers, and agencies. The best thing about Hive is that it can be integrated with almost anything or any tool that you will be currently using in your organization. 

Its additional features like Gant charts, Kanban boards, Hive notes, Timesheet management, and much more helps you to focus on growing your business instead of managing it. 


The competition in the e-business space is huge and over time it will grow exponentially. Therefore growing your business online will also take a substantial amount of time. But with the help of the right strategy and right e-business tools you can easily outrun a lot of e-business businesses. 

E-business tools are the necessity of the hour to have multiple advantages over the competitors if used in the right way. Though the result will take time to reflect on you should stick to your plan and tools. You can select any tools mentioned in the above article according to the requirement of your business. 

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