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Everyone knows it’s important to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, but how many of us actually know how long two minutes actually is.

Sustainable toothbrush brand Doop have researched and revealed the songs that should be on your Spotify playlist in order to keep your teeth squeaky clean. 

Each of these bangers are close to two minutes in length, meaning you can listen to the whole song knowing you’re cleaning your gnashers for the optimum amount of time. 

Dr Suril Amin from The Denture and Implant Clinic said: “Studies have shown that brushing for 2 minutes is an effective time period for plaque removal, based on the average patient with a minimally restored mouth.”

The list contains songs from a variety of different genres, making it perfect to use during both your morning routine and as you wind down before going to bed. 

If you want to get technical, you could even spend each verse focussing on a specific area of your mouth ensuring that all the food, plaque and bacteria have been removed. 

Dr Suril said: “The best way is to brush in a methodical manner. Start with occlusal surfaces of your teeth (ie biting surface), then work on the outside surfaces (ie cheek side), then finish with the inside (ie tongue/palate side). It’s a good habit to time yourself to ensure that each quadrant of the mouth is given the correct amount of attention.”

  1. Soft Boys – Queen of Eyes – 2:01
  2. Blur – Song 2 – 2012 Remaster – 2:01
  3. Refused – Sunflower Princess – 2:00
  4. The Hit Co. – She Came in Through The Bathroom Window – 2:00
  5. The Black Angels – Telephone – 1:59
  6. Radiohead – I Will – 1:59
  7. The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby – 2:05
  8. The White Stripes – Expecting – 2:03
  9. Led Zeppelin – Bron-Yr-Aur – 2:06
  10. Weezer – You Gave Your Love to Me Softly – 1:59
  11. The Who -I Can’t Explain – 2:04
  12. The Pigeon Detectives – I Found Out – 2:07
  13. The Clash – White Riot – 2:00
  14. Eddie Cochran – C’Mon Everybody – 1:57
  15. Elvis – Heartbreak Hotel – 2:07
  16. Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack – 1:58

If you want to feel even better about yourself when cleaning your teeth, why not choose a sustainable toothbrush, meaning you’re looking after yourself as well as the environment. Find out more at